Thursday, December 20, 2007

Maquette Progress

So I got bored and decided to post my progress on my maquette's head! Yay.

Here's a simple armature done with a steel rod, soft bendable wires, and epoxy putty. The smelly kind.

Next, give it a nice coat of foil!

And then, a base layer of sculpey... I did a mix of super sculpey (with the skin translucent color) and white and black Sculpey III. (Thanks to Greg Peltz for the tips!)

And a couple hours later, more progress...

Yay for sculpey fun! My previous 2 attempts have royaly sucked... but I think this one will be..not TOO bad. Tomorrow I have to go buy some 90% alcohol to start smoothing shapes out and some toothpicks so I can attach the ears....

Lets see how I manage to ruin it! :D

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