Thursday, August 14, 2008

A long due update!

Well, it HAS been a while since I posted anything it is time for a little update since I need a break from modeling my thesis kitty cat!

Wow..haven't posted since April... Well, I managed to survive Prepro at Ringling and came out with a kinda cute idea for my thesis. It involves a cat, a hat, and the cat's owner who everyone says looks like me (with a goatee). I shall post some progress soon, as well as start a blog for my short film. :) I promise! It is already made actually, I just need to organize it..and then I will post a link to it!

The summer has been a good one. The first half I spent at home with Carrie and had some time to relax and be lazy, and draw! I redesigned my characters for thesis and rework some of the visual style I am going for, and I really need to thank my teachers Tammy, Ron, and Keith for that! I also found an amazing composer to help me with the score of my film, Brian Weitzeil, whom I have to bug about making a blog or something so I can link him! In the meantime..sneak peek of rough turnarounds!

In June I was lucky enough to get an animation internship at Sony Pictures Imageworks, too! I spent two months here and it's been a blast. I really liked LA (at least, the little I got to visit!), and the studio is a great place, and they are making great stuff there. I met a great deal of very VERY talented people who kick my butt, which is awesome. :D It was exciting to be part of it for this short period of time! I also got to visit Disney Animation Studios and Dreamworks, which are both just as amazing, and are making awesome stuff! I am really looking forward to all the movies that are coming next. I know you wanna hear more but... Lord Sauron has many spies, with many eyes! ;) In any case, they're /awesomeeeeeee/!!!! It's really great to see how many cool animated movies are coming our way, and I really hope to work as an animator in this industry when I grow up. Makes me really wanna start cracking on my thesis. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Sony Imageworks/Animation's next animated movie. I'm not sure if I can say what it is... but it looks /sweet/. And yummy. Very very yummy. Delicious even.

(me the day before I started at SPI, being an excited dork... "I'm ready to Imagework, ahyuck!") :D

I also found the amazing Flight of the Conchords. As Kristin put it... Pure gold!

Also, I got to go to Comicon and Siggraph! Both were amazing with many talented artists and just darn cool things to see! Business cards were traded, books were bought, awesome people were met, laughs were had. It was a good time. This whole summer has been inspiring and very very humbling, which is a good thing. There's a long road to go and a lot to learn! (how cheesy am I?)

(also starring Liron, Lindsey, and Stormtrooper McGee)

And I guess that was it in a nutshell! Tomorrow is my last day at Imageworks, and while it is really sad to leave and turn in my ID card, I am looking forward to working on my short and more importantly, seeing my wife again after two months and taking her to see Colombia for the first time and visit my family for a week!

And eat mom's cooking.

THEN thesis.

Then back to LA, one day... ;)