Saturday, November 24, 2007

Push Pull WIP

Thought I'd post an animation's been a while!
There's a buncha oddles stuff I'd like to fix..especially the lazy eye, but it'll have to wait a bit while I finish another project that's creeping up on us... I should have this one and my In Out fixed before New Years though!

I'm happy with it, and I'm discovering my workflow..but there's still much more to learn and discover.

Without further ado... ;p

Any comments and crits are greatly appreciated! :D I'm hungry for knowledgeeeeeee~...


Liron Topaz said...

This is awesome!
I think you have many parts with really good rhythm. The part I think needs more tweaking is the final lift - more power. But overall it has such a nice and appealing feeling, I like.
What happened to the camera movement... bring back the camera movement! That was cool.

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

Thanks Liron!
You mean the camera movement for the drum hero Shot? Yeah.. I want to bring it back. Went with the still shot to save on render time... Do you know if we are allowed to send jobs during the winter break to the farm? That'd be great! :O

Carolyn Anderson said...

Greatly enjoyed it :) Really nice!
I'll try to write a crit soon when I can.

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

Thanks, I am glad you liked! Looking forward to that crit!