Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Final Color DFA Assignment

Here's my final color piece for my DFA class at Ringling!
I've still got work to do on it but like my other projects, it'll have to wait until Thanksgiving break.

It was definitely fun! Never really done a color piece digitally. And Painter X is awesome! I was going for a watercolor-y look to it. Gonna try something more complicated for my next piece.

DFA is definitely a relaxing, therapeutic class.

Aaaah, trying so hard to get some solid portfolio pieces together. I don't feel I'm at the level I'd like to be...and Junior year is going by so fast!

Well..on the bright side, I'm sure every studio needs a coffee boy around..and hey! I'm from Colombia! ;)

But seriously. I need to work faster and better. Gotta get me an internship next summer...

*Cross fingers*

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