Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blast from the past... London HoneyTeaMoon Adventure!

I wanted to post some neat stuff I found in a cozy little toy museum in London, when I went there with Carrie last summer...

It's Jay and Carrie's London Adventures!


So these are pretty neat. They were selling some of these (not the actualy toys, but vintage..remakes I suppose). They were expensive, so sadly I couldn't afford any of them..but.. Aren't they awesome?

This was my favorite part though...

I was very excited to see a magic lantern, a little Felix the Cat flipbook, and an actual praxinoscope!

They were selling new ones but...sigh. :<

We also went around and saw the sights (Woot Stone henge!), but this was definetly some of the most fun we had in London.

Carrie made a special friend..

And I met Freddie.

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Jamil said...

Thanks for your comment, I am a big fan of his, in fact I wish he's still alive so I French kiss him