Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekly Sketches, and Happy Birthday Ollie!

Ah, haloween is here. :> But more importantly..happy birthday Ollie! He's a living legend. :>:>:>

I..TRIED to do a caricature of him but I suck at caricatures..so..I'll work on that and post it later. In the meantime.. I got an Intuos! And because I bought myself this nifty little gadget, I promised I'd do at least one sketch per week with it, and hopefully they'll become daily sketches soon. I just got it yesterday..so for this week I used a pencil, which is just as good.


General Tso said...

Look who's got a blogger blog! I still say Ariel's 15 ;). Hey, if 12 year olds can marry in some countries... *cough* Yeah...

Animator Jay said...

It's art, man!