Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gotta start a blog today...

October 15th. Things happened today...sad endings..and new beginnings! And as such, I have started a blog. But it won't be to rant about life (too much) like LiveJournals are.. This will be solely to post some of the work I've been doing at Ringling School of Art and Design.


I really don't have fancy things to show...but...this should suffice !

Traditional Animation I
Flour Sack - Sackie and Bally
Bean-man - Strut
Bean-man - Strut with Props
Bean-man - Creepy Skip
Ball Bounce - Perspective

Traditional Animation II - Character Walk - Clarisse
1st Pass
2nd Pass

Computer Animation I -
Ball Bounce

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Jonathan said...

Yay! I get first comment! The blog is lookin good, I need to put more stuff up on my mine, hmmm. Good luck!